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I Help Declutter Your Home and Office

and Organize in a Way That is Easy to Maintain


$30. per hour - In person or Virtual

I am available to present at meetings, events, and home gatherings at no charge. 

"I think the amazing thing is that no matter what item I need I know exactly where it is! And even more importantly that is where I put it back. The time I now save from not having to look for things is wonderful" ~ Jane Hutchens

Disorganization and clutter have a direct effect on our well-being.

The visual clutter can:

Reduce our working memory

-  Lower our immune system and deplete nutrients

-  Cause depression, fatigue, and increased stress

-  Affect our sleep, focus, relationships, and lower our self-esteem

-  In children it can cause ADHD and PTSD symptoms

"My mental health took a positive spin to recover the sanity of a more organized and less cluttered home!"

~ Peter Zenti


You will always be in charge of what you keep and discard

-  Only pay for the hours we spend that day

-  No contracts or cancelation fees

-  $30. per hour plus mileage - cash or check

-  Complete confidentiality


"If you have been waiting to tackle your piles of stuff that disturb your peace of mind - give Dar a call! I'm glad I did!" ~ Gwen Strom


Being of Finnish heritage I grew up knowing how to keep things clutter free and organized and have been helping others ever since. It is my passion! 

-  I have specialized training in mediation, continuous improvement, customer service, and small business.

-  Past business: Singing message service, uniform shop, jewelry store, boutique, and flower shop.

Please contact me for a free virtual consult and to find out more.

Dar Shepherd


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