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               Client Comments

"What an angel! Dar was gentle and clearing clutter in bite size pieces made it stress free. My mental health took a positive spin to recover the sanity of a more organized home. I will be forever grateful for my angel, Dar, who did the work I struggled with."


Peter Zenti  

“For years, I talked about getting rid of things and getting organized, but the sheer amount of papers, books, and old technology, etc. was paralyzing to me. Dar is an organizing genius who worked with me as a respectful guide to help me find clarity in what things I want to keep and how to best organize them. I can't believe the difference my work with Dar has made. I can find things and I now feel "at home" in my home."

Dierdre Lindenberger

Thank you to all my clients! It is such a joy and privilege to be invited into your homes to do this life affirming work.

Dar Shepherd

"What a breakthrough! After completing the entire process I have started writing again, lost weight, and have never felt so in command of my life!"

Barbara Marcum

"Cleaning out unused items and creating more space, I find also affects me internally in wanting to simplify my life. I am now more aware of thoughts that don't serve me also."

Barb Dupras 

"Should have done this sooner! What was I waiting for? Went from overthinking and overwhelmed to overjoyed!

Thank you Dar for guiding me through the process of downsizing and getting me to the finish line fast.

Donna St. John

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