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Staging Your Home To Sell

Less is more. You are selling your home not your stuff.

The goal in staging is to have the buyers fall in love with your home and easily see themselves living there. 

Clear the clutter - "Clutter Eats Equity"

Sort, eliminate and pack what you can.

Clearing clutter and sorting before you move will make the whole process go smoother. You will only be packing and moving the items you love and need. Less work and expense. 

Fix, repair, replace, paint and CLEAN! If needed hire someone to deep clean.               

Stage - Make it look bigger and better

Remove personal items

Clear floors, counter tops, tables, and window sills

Hide all waste baskets

Close toilet seats

Curb Appeal - First impressions are everything!

Take a good look at everything outside your home.

Have someone with a fresh set of eyes provide honest feedback.

My fee is currently $30. per hour.

Please call for more information.

Dar 906-360-3000      

Brand New Kitchen
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